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College of Education Sitemap
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Join us as we help our Teacher Preparation Program student interns prepare for the next stage in their career. Registration opens January 9.


Our Alumni, Friends, and Community

College of Education Alumni Board

The Michigan State University College of Education Alumni Board (MSUCOEAB) invites you to use your college as a continued source of support in your professional endeavors. As one of the nation's premier schools of education, our college is on the leading edge in developing innovative ideas in teaching and learning, physical activity and educational research, use of technology, teacher education and school reform. We hope you will network with and learn from our outstanding faculty and alumni.

Alumni Notes

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View more recent Alumni Notes from our Spring/Summer 2016 New Educator magazine!




Alumni Relations
620 Farm Lane, 513K Erickson Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824-1034
Phone: (517) 353-4994