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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the online Chinese courses certified?

A: Yes. Michigan Virtual (MV) is AdvancED accredited and a large number of courses are approved by the NCAA.

Q: How is the online Chinese course delivered? What does a typical online Chinese course look like?

A: The online Chinese course is delivered through a “4+1 model” per week. 4 means four days’ assignments, and 1 means one day online lab session with the instructor and other students. A typical online Chinese course contains 20 weeks of lessons across different themes, two (or more) quizzes and a Final exam. Multiple language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) are well designed and executed throughout the course. The Final Exam will be proctored. The course descriptions and your instructor will let you know what is expected of you.

Q: What levels does CI-MSU offer?

A: CI-MSU offers levels across beginning to intermediate (1A-4B), and also AP Chinese course.

Q: Can the students earn credits?

A: It is the student’s school ultimately decides on the amount of credit granted. Credit is awarded by your school, not MV or CI-MSU.

Q: Do you provide transcripts?

A: Please contact MV (refer to this question) for more information on transcripts.

Q: How do I enroll?

A: The Customer and Enrollment Management System (CEMS) contains the MV Course Catalog and is the avenue for school users to enroll students in courses and monitor their progress. You should create a school user account if:

  • You do not already have a CEMS User Account
  • You work at a K-12 school, district or ISD, and
  • You want to enroll and mentor students in online courses

Setting up an account in CEMS

You can find quick answers to many of your CEMS questions in the MV Knowledge Base.

Q: How do I choose what level to enroll?

A: Please try out the Placement Test, and then select the level according to the test feedback.

Q: How much does each course cost?

A: The costs of the courses are:

Course/Price 1A to 4B AP (A and B)
Base $325 $399
Out of State $435 $460

*Please check MV for accurate information as the pricing is determined by MV.

Q: Are there any course requirements?

Technology Requirement:
A fast, reliable Internet connection is one of the basic requirements for taking Michigan Virtual courses.

Language Proficiency Requirement:
Any level of language proficiency is welcome to online Chinese course.

Q: How do I get help?

Michigan Virtual Customer Care: 888.889.2840 or submit a ticket.

Staff Name Position Email Phone
Tracy Gieseking Director of Customer Care (517)664-5441
Terri Sherman Customer Care Representative (517)664-5397
Michael Allen Customer Care Representative (517)324-5369

Confucius Institute at Michigan State University

For course related questions, please contact the instructors assigned for specific levels first.

Q: How can the students pass this course and stand out?

A: Students are expected to log in daily and complete assignments by the dates outlined in the course syllabus and pacing guide. This typically requires at least one to two hours of work per day. Students have greater freedom and schedule flexibility in an online course than in a traditional classroom, so they must be ready to assume more responsibility for their own progress and exhibit a high level of discipline and drive. They also must have superior communication skills so they can do well in the lab sessions and also receive help from their instructor when needed.

Q: Can I change my level if I find it’s too difficult or easy for me?

A: Please contact your mentor and instructor for this matter.