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Experience Chinese

CI-MSU Culture Kiosk Installation

One of CI-MSU's latest projects features two 47" interactive displays, allowing participants to immerse themselves in an original Chinese learning experience. The CI-MSU Chinese Culture Kiosk provides a full 180 degrees of interaction that large and small groups can participate in. Participants will be able to choose from a selection of Chinese culture, language and history modules with which to interact with.

The Culture Kioks is currently on display at: Eastern High School in the Lansing School District (MI)

We are taking applications for reserving the CI-MSU Culture Kiosk—submit a summary of your interest in hosting the Culture Kiosk, including venue and amount of traffic expected, to Kate Chen.


Concept Image: Visitors will be greeted with a unique, interactive learning experience.

At the heart of the exhibit are two touch sensitive display screens that keep everyone involved, no matter whether you're watching or participating.