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Education Policy Innovation Collaborative

Rigorous, impartial research

Nationally renowned experts produce pioneering research to answer questions raised together by state, school district, and university leaders. We not only evaluate what works, but answer how, why, and for whom.

An emphasis on local needs

Policy change often most affects the poor, racial and ethnic minorities, those learning English, or children with special academic needs. EPIC ensures that research highlights the effects of change on every population.

Partnerships that matter

Central to the Collaborative’s work is partnering with the Michigan Department of Education, University of Michigan and district leaders to identify and answer key questions about education. With support from funders, EPIC brings together faculty from multiple disciplines to consider education’s most pressing questions in new ways.


Building on Michigan State University’s history of supporting the state and local districts, EPIC will help leaders create policy that leads to better outcomes for children’s lives.

Research with Consequence

Dr. Katharine Strunk and Dr. Joshua Cowen have launched a new policy center where researchers will partner with policy makers to ask and answer key questions about education.

Dr. Katharine Strunk and Dr. Joshua Cowen

Our Work


  • School and District Turnaround Reforms
  • Teacher Evaluation

School Choice

  • Student Mobility
  • School Openings & Closures
  • Transportation
  • Charters & Vouchers
  • Open Enrollment

Labor Markets

  • Collective Bargaining & Teacher Unions
  • Teacher Preparation
  • Teacher Recruitment
  • Teacher Retention
  • Teacher Mobility

I’m excited about the way in which EPIC will be a vehicle for our faculty to provide evidence and analysis for policy makers.

Robert Floden

Dean of MSU's College of Education







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