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Department of Kinesiology

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Master's in Kinesiology


M.S. Program in Kinesiology

Students in the masters program develop the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as professionals in their chosen field. Students are encouraged to develop research skills and complete a thesis in preparation for entry into a doctoral program. A flexible personal program of study is offered within the master's degree and students are given tremendous opportunities for interdisciplinary study and research with MSU numerous degree-granting colleges.

Our Focus

The kinesiology master's degree program involves a disciplinary and interdisciplinary research focus on physical activity and sport across the lifespan with special emphasis on youth. Faculty and doctoral students are currently studying varying aspects of pediatric kinesiology. Such topics include motor development in infants and young children, interventions to increase physical activity, cognitive functioning during preadolescence and the development of life skills through youth sport participation.

Big 10 Quality

As part of the Big Ten, Michigan State University offers a quality education. Big Ten institutions are ranked in the top 86 universities in the nation and leads all other conferences with the most Academic All-Americans. As a part of the college of education, Kinesiology is among several top-10 ranked programs in the nation, including four programs ranked #1.

Application to the Kin M.S. program deadline is January 15
Ability to work with Doctoral Students and Faculty
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While earning a master's degree, students are able to work directly with doctoral students and faculty. The kinesiology department has a vareity of research labs such as the Institute for the Study of Youth Sports, the Health Behaviors and Congnition Laboratory, the Human Energy Research Lab, and the Center for Physical Acitivity and Health. A full list of the kineisiology research labs with more information can be found here.

This Program By the Numbers

Student:Faculty Ratio
Number of Credits required
Research Labs
Kinesiology Concentrations
Strong Ties to Athletics

Many KIN master's students take advantage of opportunities for applied work with MSU athletic teams and Student-Athlete Support Services. As a part of the Big 10 conference, MSU athletics has national titles in several sports over the last 15 years including basketball, soccer, volleyball, and wrestling. Students are able to work with athletes and teams gaining applied experience and becoming part of the MSU athletic environment.

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