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Department of Kinesiology

Master's in Kinesiology


Student-Athlete Development Concentration

The master's degree concentrations in student-athlete development is designed for individuals who are preparing for careers in student-athlete development in intercollegiate sports programs.  Internships are available within university student-athlete services programs at MSU and other campuses, as well as sports-related organizations and agencies. 

Degree Requirements

Students must complete all MSU and KIN requirements for the M.S. degree, including KIN 871-research methods, area of concentration, breadth requirement, and capstone (thesis, project, internship, or courses-only with certifying exam). The exact program of study is specified in an individual program plan approved by the student's guidance committee. Typical courses in the student-athlete development concentration include:

  • KIN 482 - Ethics in Athletics in Higher Education (2 credits)
  • KIN 853 - Athletic Administration in Higher Education (3 credits)
  • KIN 854 - Sport Law for Administrators and Coaches (3 credits)
  • KIN 858 - Issues and Techniques in Student-Athlete Development (3 credits)
  • KIN 890 - Independent Study in Kinesiology (1-6 credits)
  • KIN 894 - Field Experiences in Kinesiology (1-6 credits)

The following courses are frequently selected as electives:

  • CEP 860A - Perspectives in Multicultural Counseling (3 credits)
  • CEP 861 - Counseling Theory, Philosophy, and Ethics (3 credits)
  • CEP 862 - Introduction to Individual and Group Counseling (3 credits)
  • CEP 864 - Career Counseling (3 credits)
  • CEP 875 - Substance Abuse and Treatment (3 credits)
  • EAD 802 - Building a Learning Organization (3 credits)
  • EAD 860 - Concept of a Learning Society (3 credits)
  • EAD 871 - Collegiate Contexts for Teaching and Learning (3 credits)
  • EAD 873 - The College Student Experience (3 credits)

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