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Department of Kinesiology

Kinesiology Undergraduate Degree

KIN 492 / 493 Internship in Kinesiology

Course Description

This Internship Course (the “KIN-ternship”) is designed to be a culminating experience for students who will graduate with a Major in Kinesiology. Our hope for you during this internship is that you will gain a practical experience in the Kinesiology domain, acquire skills and knowledge that could help with a potential career, and apply knowledge that you have learned throughout your undergraduate degree in a practical setting. We are pleased and excited to have each Kinesiology major represent the Kinesiology Department, the College of Education, and MSU at your respective internship sites. In order to get the most out of your internship experience, we suggest you start considering internship possibilities and looking out for new potential experiences as soon as you have decided Kinesiology will be your major.  A minimum of three (3) credit hours of internship experience is required for graduation from the Kinesiology program.  Students must work 60 hours for each credit earned


KIN 492/493 Enrollment Process


The KIN 492/493 Course will no longer be offering an in-person Mandatory Meeting after August 31st, 2017. Instead of the Mandatory Meeting, all KIN Majors in their Junior and Senior years will be automatically enrolled in the online mandatory, “KIN 492/493 Pre-Enrollment Course” on D2L. This Pre-Enrollment Course will remain available to you throughout your Junior and Senior years. You will need to complete this course before emailing Keri Morrison the “Site Approval Questions”. This course should take no more than 1.5 hours to complete.

ENROLLMENT PART 1 – The Mandatory Pre-Enrollment Course:

It is the student's responsibility to complete the online Mandatory Pre-Enrollment Course (located on D2L) the semester BEFORE the semester you wish to complete the internship. You should have approximately 68 credits before you take this Pre-Enrollment Course (Note: you will need more than 88 credits to enroll in KIN 492/493, but will need to give yourself enough time to find an internship site). These are the recommended timelines for completing the KIN 492/493 Pre-Enrollment Course: 

  • If you plan to take your KIN-ternship in the Spring Semester, you should complete the Pre-Enrollment Course by September 30th of the previous semester.
  • If you plan to take your KIN-ternship in the Summer Semester, you should complete the Pre-Enrollment Course by January 30th of the previous semester.
  • If you plan to take your KIN-ternship in the Fall semester, you should complete the Pre-Enrollment Course by May 30th of the previous semester.

Steps to take the KIN 492/493 Pre-Enrollment Class:

STEP 1: Log on to D2L when you are a Junior or Senior in the KIN program.
STEP 2: Click My Home in the top left corner of your browser.
STEP 3: Look for and click on the course titled, “KIN 492/493 Pre-Enrollment Course”, which is located under “Development Courses”.
STEP 4: Follow the instructions outlined on the course Homepage in order to receive your, “Certificate of Completion.” A copy of this certificate is required to be attached to the email when you send your, “Site Approval Questions” to Keri Morrison.
What to do if the KIN 492/493 Pre-Enrollment Course is not appearing on D2L:

  • If you are a transfer student, or if there is some other reason this course is not appearing on your Home Page and you are a KIN Major in your Junior or Senior year, please email Mary-Anne Reid (

ENROLLMENT PART 2 – Securing your Internship Site and Obtaining Site Approval:

Find & secure an internship site.

  • NOTE: ***Please read the information above about Out-of-State Internships***

STEP 6: Request approval for the site by:

    • Answering the Site Approval Questions and email them to Keri Morrison at (
      • Be sure to attach the “Certificate of Completion” to your email from the Mandatory KIN 492/493 Pre-Enrollment Course.
    • Complete the Affiliation Agreement - only if your site has not signed one before.

STEP 7: Receive the “Email of Site Approval” from Keri Morrison.

STEP 8: Complete the Request for Override and Enrollment in KIN 492/493 (links for specific semesters below) and upload the requested documents (Email of site approval from Keri Morrison and any necessary Affiliation Agreement[s]).


IMPORTANT: There are no exceptions to the following. The add/drop dates for KIN 492/493 are the same as for any course at MSU. These are set by the university and always described on the Registrar's website. You are responsible for knowing these dates. You cannot late add or late drop KIN 492/493. If you do not add/drop the course by the official dates you will get no refund and/or you will receive a zero point, and YOU WILL NOT GRADUATE.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Internship Course

Determining KIN 492 versus KIN 493

Taking KIN 492 versus KIN 493 is based on the specific job duties a student will complete at their internship site.  KIN 493 is for internship sites that are heavily rooted in physiology, and thus requires students to take KIN 411 (Laboratory Experiences in Exercise Physiology) either prior to or concurrently with the internship class.  Please keep in mind, KIN 310 (Physiological Bases of Physical Activity) is a pre-requisite for KIN 411 and should be taken into account as you are planning.
KIN 493:

Internships/duties that require KIN 411 PRIOR to KIN 493:

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Exercise Physiology

Internships/duties that will likely require KIN 411 PRIOR to or CONCURRENTLY with KIN 493:

  • Nutrition
  • Fitness Leadership
    • Personal Training
    • Exercise Prescription
    • Fitness Leader
    • Group Exercise Programming

The KIN 492 Internship course is for internships that contain duties that are not heavily related to physiology.  Some examples of KIN 492 Internships include:

  • Pre-Professional and Allied Health Settings (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant, Chiropractic, MD, DO, Nursing)
  • Athletic Administration
  • Athletic Training
  • Biomechanics
  • Growth and Motor Development
  • Health Promotion
  • Adapted Physical Activity
  • Psychosocial Aspects of Kinesiology
  • Orthotics and Prosthetics
  • Coaching

The lists above only provide some examples of internships that students have participated in the past, and thus is not an exclusive list.  Determination of an appropriate internship site, and if KIN 411 is required prior to or concurrently lies in the hands of the Kinesiology Internship Coordinator (Keri Morrison). This is a link to a list of internships sites with whom we have a current Affiliation Agreement.

 *** Please keep in mind that KIN 310 is a prerequisite for KIN 411.  Please take this into consideration upon enrolling. ***

Internship Sites


If you intend to complete your internship in a state other than Michigan, please contact Keri Morrison letting her know which state you are looking into. Certain states require a letter of intent that MUST be submitted by the Department of Kinesiology and approved by both the internship coordinator and the Provost’s office 60 to 90 days in advance of the internship (depending on location). Some states do not allow MSU students to do an internship at all. Please contact Keri Morrison for more information.

There is no possibility for internship credit for prior work experience. Please note that you may complete an internship outside of your chosen cognate, but you will be responsible for completing all pre and co-requisite courses for that internship. For example, if you are in the Psychological Aspects cognate and want to do a Personal Training type internship, you will need to take KIN 411 concurrently (or previously). Click on the menu items below for further information about the internship experience. Students may also contact Keri Morrison at 355-4740 or (email is preferred).

KINternship Staff Information

Keri Morrison
Office Hours: Friday’s 2-4pm.
Phone Number: 517-355-4740 (only on Friday’s 2-4pm, email is the best contact method).
Email Address:
Contact for: questions regarding student issues, program overview, internship approval, KIN 492 / 493 enrollment, and Affiliation Agreements.

  • Office Hours: Fridays 2-4pm in room 135 IM Sports Circle (located within the main KIN Office, Room 134). Please email to confirm Keri's ability to attend her office hours prior to coming. Please double check the syllabus on this as well. Office hours have been canceled for November 24th from 2-4pm.

Mary-Anne Reid
Phone Number: 517-355-4730
Email Address:
Contact for: questions regarding student grading and assessment, big picture program goals, pre-enrollment course questions.

Pepa Casselman:

Phone Number: 517-353-9682
Email Address:
Contact for: questions regarding MSU Handshake, connecting students to your internship site, finding MSU interns.

Course Materials

Course materials are posted on the D2L website (, and can be accessed by students enrolled in KIN 492 / 493 in a given semester. The following information is provided below so that students can plan ahead for their internship experiences (*for students enrolled in the course, please ensure you are using the latest documents from D2L).

Becoming an MSU Internship Site

To become an MSU internship site, interested sites may complete the following Qualtrics survey:

Prior to completing the survey, please ensure you have downloaded and completed the Affiliation Agreement. We would request you fill in the Affiliation Agreement on the computer, and then print it off, complete the physical signature (electronic signatures not accepted at this time), and scan all pages of your document into a PDF document (only PDF accepted).

In addition, if you have a specific internship job you would like to post, please contact Pepa Casselman ( who can help you set up a position on Handshake, our online career platform for students.