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Troy Mariage Photo

Troy Mariage

 Associate Professor
  Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Special Education
 Ph.D., Michigan State University
 339 Erickson
Troy Mariage is an associate professor of special education. His research interests are in the areas of literacy instruction for students with mild disabilities in elementary classrooms. He has conducted work in early reading instruction, writing instruction, and cognitive strategy instruction that leads to self-regulated learning. More recently, he has extended his work by seeking to understand how to create schools as learning organizations that create the capacity for continuous learning and improvement. Currently, he is conducting a study to explore how teachers can provide concurrent academic and social support for students with significant learning and behavioral difficulties.

Courses Taught

  • CEP 370 - Educating Students with Special Needs
  • CEP 804a - Literacy Methods for Students with Mild Disabilities II
  • CEP 841 - Classroom and Behavior Management in Inclusive Settings
  • CEP 943 - Sociocultural, Multicultural and Critical Perspectives in Special Education

Research Projects

  • Close Reading and Accountable Talk in Reading Comprehension Interventions for Middle Grades
  • Supporting Discussion in Tier 2 Reading Comprehension Interventions in Elementary Classrooms
  • Interactive Writing for Students with Moderate to Severe ASD in Early Elementary

Areas of Expertise: