Get to Know Our Faculty and Staff
Lynn Fendler-Teacher Education Faculty
Lynn Fendler
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Lynn Fendler is a professor of teacher education. Her internationally oriented research explores the ethics of knowledge. Using philosophical and historiographic approaches, she examines the ways knowledge can perpetuate inequities and ...
Get to Know Our Students and Alumni
Anar Rajabali-Teacher Education Student
Anar Rajabali
I am a recent 2011 graduate of the MAED program-an online stream of the Masters of Arts in Education. Previous to embarking on this program, I worked for 5 years within the areas of ESL and literacy education. I found myself practicing daily my own emerging philosophies about how my teaching of English could reflect the spirit and practices of multicultural education. My pivotal choice to take my Masters at MSU was based upon the scope and breadth ...