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Secondary Education Teacher Preparation
Prospective Students

Application & Admissions Process



Typically Sophomore Year
(Juniors may also apply; see below)
The undergraduate application process is open to MSU undergraduates who:
  • are currently enrolled
  • have reached sophomore status
  • have an overall grade point average of 2.75 or higher at MSU
  • have passed all three subparts of the MTTC Basic Skills Test (see below)
  • will have completed all remedial and developmental coursework in mathematics and writing by the end of the Fall Semester in which the application is submitted (e.g., WRA 1004/0102 and Math 1825)
  • will have 56 credits by the beginning of the following Fall Semester when they are fully admitted (typically as juniors)

Step 1:

MTTC Basic Skills Test


Summer before sophomore year recommended

Before students can be admitted to the Teacher Preparation program, MSU must receive official notification that they have passed all three parts of the MTTC Basic Skills Test (Reading, Writing, and Mathematics). The MTTC Basic Skills test is administered five times each year: January, April, July, October and November. Applicants are encouraged to take the July or October test (the November test is acceptable, but not recommended). Students who have not already taken the test and are not registered for an upcoming test are not eligible to apply.

Taking the MTTC Basic Skills test requires separate registration and fee payment. Additional information about MTTC registration is available on the MTTC website. Registration deadlines are approximately six weeks prior to test dates.

Step 2:

Online Application


Typically Fall of Sophomore Year
The online application is available each Fall; this year, it will be available on September 8, 2009 and will close on November 23, 2009. You will need Adobe PDF viewer to access the online application and the additional materials that are required (see below). After you have logged on to the application using your MSU email account, a unique password for the application will be sent to your MSU email address. The password is necessary to complete the application process, so please treat it carefully. Visit the Online Application Website.

Applicants who have earned 56 or more credits (junior standing) before the beginning of Fall Semester 2009 and who plan to graduate and meet all internship requirements by Spring or Summer 2011, should complete an Acceleration Grid for elementary or secondary education (see below). Other applicants are not eligible to accelerate. You must meet with your advisor to discuss your acceleration plan and he/she must sign the form. Additional instructions are provided on the Acceleration Grids.

Step 3:

Timed and Proctored Essay


Typically Fall of Sophomore Year

As part of the online application, all applicants must write a timed, proctored essay at a testing site on campus. At the end of the online application, there is an opportunity to select a time and date to write the essay.

Step 4:

The Application Package


Typically Fall of Sophomore Year
A complete application package includes the following items. Paper materials must be submitted in a single package to 134 Erickson before 5:00 PM on November 24, 2010:

For More Information

Please contact:

Student Affairs Office
134 Erickson Hall
College of Education
Michigan State University
East Lansing, Michigan 48824-1034
Telephone: (517) 353-9680
Andrew Black
Andrew Black
Michigan State's secondary education program is going to leave me leaps and bounds ahead of other teacher candidates. I have gained confidence, problem solving skills, and learned what it takes to be a pedagogical teacher. It's a challenge but well worth the energy. ... ... read more