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Ph.D. Application Process

Applications to the Ph.D. program in K-12 Educational Administration are considered December 1st. As that applicants can be considered for College and University Fellowship competitions must have all materials submitted by December 1st.  Note that Fellowship applicants require a 3rd letter of recommendation.

All Ph.D. applicants must have a master’s degree from an accredited institution.

Required Application Steps and Materials

U.S. Residents

U. S. applicants who are already admitted to graduate study at MSU must submit the Graduate Application for Admission. An application fee and college transcripts of all previous academic work must be submitted with this form.

Transferring from other Michigan State Graduate Programs

Applicants who wish to transfer into the K-12 program from another MSU graduate program not in the Department of Educational Administration must complete a new application, including the Graduate Application for Admission and all supplemental materials to the K-12 unit. Current students in the Department of Educational Administration looking to transfer to another program within the Department of Educational Administration should consult their faculty advisor and the coordinator of the program.