College of Education Sitemap
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Centers & Institutes

The College of Education is home to many dynamic centers and institutes, each with their own agenda for research and outreach. Over time, these institutions have led to important new understandings about teaching, learning and physical activity, shaping the direction of policy and practice in the field.

CREATE for STEM Institute

The CREATE for STEM InstituteCollaborative Research in Education, Assessment and Teaching Environments for the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematicsis focused on improving teaching and learning in the STEM disciplines for students at both the K-12 and college levels through research and development efforts. It is a joint initiative of the College of Education and the College of Natural Science at Michigan State University.

Center for the Study of Curriculum Policy

The Center for the Study of Curriculum Policy at Michigan State University focuses on research related to curricular issues in K-12 schooling, assessment theory, and the effects of curriculum on academic achievement. A special focus concerns the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, teacher education and preparation and student achievement. Other research topics include educational policy related to mathematics, science education and testing in general, with a U.S. and global perspective.

Education Policy Innovation Collaborative

The Education Policy Innovation Collaborative (EPIC) conducts pioneering data analysis and works in partnership with schools, districts and state education agencies to deliver timely findings directly to decision-makers. The researchers' approach to inform education policy issues, such as teacher quality, school improvement and school choice, focuses not only on what works, but how, why and for whom. EPIC conducts research with consquence, especially when it comes to improving K-12 education for students in urban, rural and historically disadvantaged communities.

Education Policy Center at Michigan State University

The Education Policy Center (EPC) at MSU draws on the expertise of faculty across campus and beyond to inform educators, policymakers and the public about major issues affecting K-12 and higher education. Through research studies, policy reports and presentations, the center makes key findings accessible and influences educational policy decisions at every level of government.

Center for Research in Autism, Intellectual and other Neurodevelopmental Disabilities

C-RAIND, the Center for Research in Autism, Intellectual and other Neurodevelopmental Disabilities, is a cross-college, multi-disciplinary coalition of scholars and researchers from eleven MSU colleges focused on improving the quality of life of people with neurodevelopmental disabilities and their families across the lifespan.

DOCTRID Research Institute

Michigan State University is home to an international coalition of scholars and universities committed to improving the quality of life for individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities through research and technology. DOCTRID is a partnership between MSU's rehabilitation counseling programs, the Daughters of Charity Service in Ireland and several universities across Ireland.

Confucius Institute at Michigan State University

The Confucius Institute at MSU aims to address the ever-increasing demand for Chinese language and culture education in the U.S. through innovative uses of technology. Among its many activities, CI-MSU teaches online Chinese language courses for K-12 students and adults, trains Chinese language teachers and conducts research.

Institute for the Study of Youth Sports

The Institute for the Study of Youth Sports has been a respected leader in coaching education and research on youth sports for 40 years. By disseminating findings on key issues to parents, coaches and sports leaders, ISYS helps maximize the benefits of sport and physical activity participation.

Center for Physical Activity and Health

The Center for Physical Activity and Health, a collaboration of the MSU Departments of Kinesiology and Epidemiology, is focused on studying the effect of physical activity on human health and well-being throughout the lifespan.

Center for Higher & Adult Education

The Center for Higher and Adult Education emphasizes the importance of policy and international work in postsecondary education for the 21st century. The center supports academic and cultural exchange at the postsecondary level, hosts forums exploring higher education policy, and assists with research, teaching and outreach related to higher education policy both domestically and across the globe.

Institute for Research on Teaching and Learning

The Institute for Research on Teaching and Learning (IRTL) is an umbrella organization designed to promote, encourage and enhance research throughout the College of Education. The institute works with faculty on research funding opportunities, identifies and facilitates outside funding opportunities in the form of grants and contracts from federal or state agencies, and provides in-house seed grants.

Design Studio

The CEPSE/COE Design Studio is a college-wide resource for the exploration, implementation and support of emerging technologies for teaching and learning. The Design Studio also works closely with faculty to develop pedagogical strategies and approaches to learning and instruction based on the literature and our research and experiences. Past and current work includes research, development and support for projects related to synchronous hybrid learning, robotic telepresence and collaboratively embodied content.