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Teacher Preparation Program

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Becoming an Elementary Education Teacher

The Elementary Teacher Preparation Program at Michigan State University is a five-year program with an emphasis on preparing professional elementary teachers. We have been ranked No. 1 in the nation for elementary (and secondary) education for 27 consecutive years (U.S. News & World Report). The No. 1 ranking reflects our commitment to developing and mentoring excellent teaching practices. It also reflects our outstanding reputation with superintendents, principals, teachers and educators not only in Michigan, but around the globe. The reason for this reputation is simple: MSU’s College of Education develops teacher leaders.

You will gain knowledge and skills to teach all subjects in kindergarten through fifth grade (K-5) and the depth to teach a specific subject area in sixth through eighth grade (6-8). Key elements of the program include a strong foundation in all content areas plus additional depth in your selected teaching major, courses on the most effective teaching practices and a full-year, guided teaching internship in a public school after completing the bachelor’s degree.

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Commitment to Excellence

We believe in excellence. We believe that strong teaching habits require practice, time and coaching. Thus, the Elementary Teacher Preparation Program is a planned program. The program includes being formally admitted to the College of Education in your TE 301 Pre-Internship year. It also includes the successful completion of at least 20 credits within the Elementary Teacher Preparation Program. The classes that you take as part of the program include practical field experiences that allow you to use what you learn in the college classroom and apply it in a school setting—sometimes even the very next day! Finally, the program includes graduate-level course work during your internship year to help you further connect theory with actual teaching practice.

First-class Internships

The internship phase of MSU’s Elementary Teacher Preparation Program is universally recognized as unparalleled and first-class. We have placed interns in school districts all over the Lansing, Detroit Metropolitan and Grand Rapids areas. Furthermore, MSU has developed strong relationships with schools in Chicago. With so many internship placements and possibilities, we strive to place our interns in schools and locations which are tailored to their strengths and desire to grow into their teaching profession.